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When first approached for this remodeling project, our client hoped to bring new life into their 55 year old traditional country/ranch home by updating the existing kitchen-new countertops, new cabinet faces, perhaps some new lighting. Through a collaborative process of discovery and rethinking, a small concept blossomed into a more comprehensive renovation ultimately transforming and enhancing the overall living experience.


The first analysis suggested that the kitchen was altogether in the wrong place. Where a disproportionately large booth area existed was an opportunity to situate and enlarge the kitchen while relocating the booth area to a more appropriately scaled spot where the old kitchen had been-a simple swap. The new orientation created an opportunity to open the kitchen to the adjacent family room, create a new relationship between this area of the house and the front entrance, and establish a flow from the new kitchen booth area to the front yard. To parallel the enhancement of the floor plan and flow, the desire grew to raise the kitchen ceiling and capture the available attic area as an opportunity for increased volume and natural light in the kitchen.Rather than stopping there, the ideas of increased ceiling height and an enhanced flow between indoor and outdoor space found their way into both the family room and living room.Raised and articulated ceiling forms, exposed existing beams, continuous bi-fold doors which open to the back covered patio, and enhanced front and back yard space became the culmination of this once small kitchen remodel concept.

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