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The concept for this 8500sf single-family residence was derived from the site/context, an aging client’s desire for an indoor/outdoor living experience and inspiration from environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 2.32.54 PM.png

In Sand Stones, Goldsworthy explores the tenuous way in which the ocean’s waves over time transform sand “stones”; in a way, a metaphor for our own aging; weathered by life’s experiences.Taking inspiration from this, our concept was to let the natural light, views, airflow and personal experiences organize and sculpt the building masses to best intertwine the owners’ idiosyncratic lifestyle with the site.

From the street, one ascends to a flat pad that subsequently descends to a natural drainage path originating from mountains to the north. Our first gesture was to orient the building masses to the northeast creating a large courtyard open to the southwesterly vistas while the building masses at the front erode, forming the main entrance to the 

home. The first floor is configured into two wings; one containing the primary living/dining spaces which open broadly to the vistas via large glass doors, and the other containing the master bedroom suite with a study/den with focused views to more intimate outdoor spaces. To the west, a covered outdoor room cantilevers over the descending hillside. The shifted volume of the second floor contains supporting spaces–grandkids bedrooms, maid’s quarters, and a gym.


Building masses shift, extend and orient to capture or shield the light, expand or protect the views, and create unique connections between indoor and outdoor spaces.


Like Goldsworthy’s Sand Stones, time, context and program define the shifting masses of the home, and the home in turn defines the experience on the site



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