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Our concept for this 7500sf single-family residence was derived from the site/context, the clients desire for an indoor/outdoor living experience afforded by the southern California climate and inspiration from noted artist Richard Serra’s 1975 Delineator.


This unusually large, lush and secluded flag lot set deeply back from the main street was largely unnoticed due to the existing home that blocked any potential experience that the expanse of the site offered. Taking inspiration from the tension created between perpendicular planes in Serra’s Delineator, our solution was to create a centralized outdoor living space defined by the adjacent tectonic forms and horizontal surfaces allowing for amore direct connection across the property and between interior and exterior spaces. In one direction, the concrete of the driveway, the stone of the covered patio, the grass and the surface of the “IKB”-inspired pool together act as a continuous surface supporting the outdoor experience. Perpendicular to those surfaces floats the mass of the second floor which gently rests on the main living spaces and a pool/guest house. This outdoor space becomes both a place as well as a window through the building.


The spatial tension created by Serra’s steel plates became more than just a building diagram. Tall sheets of glass separate floor and ceiling planes and windows and skylights become the void between building surfaces both framing views and bringing the outdoor environment inside. As a result, outdoor spaces, trees and sky become intertwined with the forms of the house and all become equal part subject.

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