Architecture is experiential and the making of space both defines and is defined by those experiences.  It is our intention to create environments that come alive when inhabited and experienced.

Everything has context. Our design approach contemplates the notion of transforming an existing context, whether it be through new construction, or the re-use and re-inhabitation of an existing space.  In either case, each project is a unique exploration of site, surroundings, program, budget, and schedule.  Transformation of the context occurs through the intervention and articulation of sculptural forms, materiality and texture, light and shadow – a gesture.

Everything has latent beauty. Rather than inserting foreign objects into a context, it has been our intent to study and understand the existing context and subsequently reveal the beauties that already exist through the process of transformation. In essence, it is our intent to make visible what is invisible.

Through this process of intervention and articulation, ideas are transformed into spaces and spaces transform our experience.