Eric Rosen Architects is structured so that all members operate as a cohesive team.  Rather than directing individuals to specific tasks such as model making and CAD drafting, members of the office team are carefully selected to multi-perform.  That is, everyone participates in the process of design, production and execution of ideas.  Ideas are explored through hand sketching, physical modeling, computer modeling and computer drawing. All projects benefit from the direct attention and input of the principal as well as the attention and input of the team.  

The notion of the team approach extends to the relationship between the office and its clients.  It is our goal to engage our clients at the onset of a project as a vital player in developing a concept and project direction.  Projects begin with many unanswered questions.  It is through the careful articulation of the appropriate questions that we can listen to our clients and better formulate corresponding answers and propose solutions.  The interplay of information and ideas between the two during the programming phase and throughout the work provides an enhanced forum for creativity, imagination and exploration.

The team approach also extends to our relationship with consultants, vendors and contractors.  Because of our detailed approach to every project, the development of an idea and its translation through a project involves many materials, specifications and systems.  Mr. Rosen's extensive architectural experience is complimented by a team of experienced professionals.  The office has established strong relationships with structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, acoustical engineers, food service consultants, landscape architects, general contractors, craftsmen and the like that encompass many decades of experience in design and construction.